Euro-Tech Motor service and assembly plant is fully equipped with all the critical facilities and equipment including the latest USA-made Fully Automatic Coil Winding Machine, overhead crane of 20 tons, 10 tons, 100 ton press, 6 tons Dynamic Balancing Machine and etc. We are able to service and repair all kinds of HT/LV, AC & DC motor, Gen Set, AC alternators. (up to 6.6Kv)


Motor assembly

  Your one-stop solution for drive system assembly. GMEC provide expertise and critical equipment and facilities to assemble


Training & Seminars

GMEC training center provides: Both theory and hands-on training tailor to customers' needs.

Dynamic Balancing Service (5.5 ton)

"State of the art" Schenck dynamic balancing machine 5.5 ton

  • Precision accuracy and maximum flexibility for universal application
  • Range of huge components for dynamic balancing including:
  • Rotors, Armatures, Fans, Pumps, Impellers and etc

Troubleshooting Service

GMEC provide information such as

  • Behaviour of electric motors during operation (vibration and temperature)
  • Original condition of the motor compared to current condition
  • All possible root causes for the problems
  • Estimation of the motors expected life time

Commissioning Service

  • Trouble-free and smooth production from the very beginning.
  • All possible mounting errors will be rectified before production starts, thus no unplanned shutdown.
  • Proper start-up service reduces unnecessary discussion about warranty issues.
  • Make troubleshooting easier in case of problem in the future due to availed reference vibration data.

Condition Monitoring Service

GMEC provide information on:

  • Condition of motor components such as bearings, rotors, coil and etc
  • Condition of both DE & NDE
  • Necessity for re-alignments, rebuild of foundation and etc.
  • Estimation of motor's life time expectant.

Overhaul & Rewinding Services

Some important processes:

  • Insulation resistance test and drop voltage test to be carried out
  • Thorough inspection to be carried out. Stator winding to be cut out properly
  • Burn out motor insulation in electric oven before burnt stator coils stripped
  • steam cleaning the stator, rotor using chemical jet washer
  • Bake dry stator, rotor and etc
  • Mechanical measurement to be carried out
  • High class copper wire and insulation material to be used for rewinding
  • Insulation, surge comparison and other critical tests to be carried out
  • HIgh class varnish to be used to treat stator before oven baking proceeded
  • Dynamic balancing to be carried if necessary before motor assembly
  • No load test to be carried out and FAT to be conducted by client
  • Service report with testing data to be provided upon motor delivery.