• Damping shaft coupling that can be used universally to compensate for shaft misalignments
  • Nominal torque range from TKN = 60 Nm up to 21,200 Nm with 19 sizes
  • Temperature range: from –50 °C to +100 °C

N-EUPEX DS couplings without fail-safe device allow positive disconnection of input and output side upon failure of the flexible elements due to overload or wear. Then, the metal parts of the DS coupling can freely rotate in opposite directions. 

Examples of application

N-EUPEX DS couplings can be used universally in the whole field of mechanical engineering. They are particularly used in sensitive machines where input and output side are to be disconnected upon failure of the flexible elements or where the coupling must be maintenance-free.

Typical examples of application are:

  • Pump drives
  • Compressor drives
  • Fan and blower drives

Your benefits at a glance

  • Can be used universally and combined with many components of the N-EUPEX line
  • Disconnects driver and driven machine if elastomer fails
  • No fail-safe principle operation (the load is disconnected)
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive environments; certified according to
2014/34/EU (ATEX)
  • Maintenance-free even if used in explosive atmospheres
  • Many types are available ex stock