FLENDER ZN Gear Coupling

  • Double-jointed gear coupling
  • Nominal torque range from TKN = 1,020 Nm up to 162,500 Nm with 12 sizes
  • Temperature range: from –20 °C to +80 °C

Strong and reliable: ZAPEX ZN® couplings connect machine shafts and compensate for angular and radial misalignment.

ZAPEX gear couplings from the ZN series are made of high-quality quenched and tempered steel and are manufactured according to the modular construction system.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Long service life and minimal maintenance requirements as a result of reliable grease lubrication of the gear teeth
  • Small dimensions, low weight and low mass moments of inertia are achieved by means of an intelligent design and combination of materials
  • Large safety reserves even at high shock loads
  • Maximum operational reliability through optimal tooth shape and use of high-quality materials
  • Suitable for horizontal mounting and, with a special design, for vertical mounting
  • Suitable for use in potentially explosive environments; certified according to 2014/34/EU (ATEX)

Made in Germany, in use worldwide

  • Mining and Cement: conveyor belts, heating technology
  • Steel Production: milling technology, shears, straightening machines, high mills, coilers, roller conveyors
  • Cranes: hoisting and luffing gear systems, slewing gear systems, trolley and travel gear systems
  • Marine and Shipbuilding: thrusters
  • Oil and Gas: installation vessels, pumps, fans, compressors, jack-up rigs
  • Power Generation: water turbines
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: driers, pumps and compressors, mixers, agitators
  • Plastics and Rubber: kneaders, shredders
  • Pulp and Paper: woodgrinders, waste paper, wet section, dry section, smoothers and cylinders, calenders
  • Water and Wastewater: pumps
  • Food and Beverage : mixers
  • Sugar: countercurrent cossette mixers, sugar cane mills
  • Passenger transport: cable cars